Life At 云顶国际

It's not just learning at 云顶国际. It's life at 云顶国际.

You might have heard that we’re pretty dedicated to academics here… and there’s some truth to that. But after being a student here for five years, I can confidently tell you that we’re just as enthusiastic about what happens outside the classroom. Name an interest, and you’ll find it at 云顶国际 – everything from knitting to rugby, we have a place for you. You’ll see that the passions we share bring us closer together, and the passions that differ create a diverse community unique to our school. With something for everyone in friendships, classes, and activities, not a day goes by where we’re not stretching ourselves with something new. On behalf of 云顶国际, I can assure you you’ll find a home here.

– Grace Deng ‘19

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